In The Dark

In the dark is how I find you.

A perfect image I imagine.

All is well for this telltale.

I like it here in the cosmos.

Where growth is given to what I envision.

In the light you fade-away.

In my heart is where I carry you,

With me AWAYS you will stay.


These nightmares keep reaching out for me.

It’s hard to breathe.

It’s only a dream.

Don’t scream.

I see myself listening on the screen.

A making of my creativity.


I’m the master of this movie scene.

My sleep, you can try an haunt me. 

I’m standing guard at the matrix of my dream.

Story Teller

He told her stories.

His words residing in her mind.

Taking root in her heart.

Spread out to her veins.

Moved into her dreams.

She wanted to scream. Why are you doing this to me?

She wasn’t ready for this thief to steal her sanity.

He told her stories, she knew she shouldn’t believe. 


She closed her eyes and let herself dream.


The strength to bite down on her tongue and swallow her words sends a surge of rage up and down her spine.

Is anyone person truly worth this agony? She ponders this question.

She has seen him defeated in her mind. Her heart commands her thoughts to replay the scene over again in her brilliant world. Now she laughs at his poison, it actually tickles. 

She didn’t have the answer to the question. She is willing to let someone else convince her otherwise.

A Lie

I don’t want to believe anymore of your sweet lies, nice as they may sound. Kind as they feel. Every word, calming my mind.

I don’t want to believe anymore of your lies but I love the way they make me feel. I want to pretend what you say is real.

Why can’t you keep it real? So that I can truly feel alive.

I want to believe that you won’t lie, but you do lie, so I have to say goodbye.