What I don’t understand,

is how anyone can justify purposefully harming humanity.

Rectify intentional abuse of power in the name of whatever.

Such cruelty.

To what length will so called peacekeeping slam down its fist on all kinds of prejudice.

Tired of all this mess.

So much unrest.

Taxing the mind at others expense.

What quality of life serves up hatred. 

Look at all the beautiful faces.

Such potential to empathize peacefully.

At least that’s how it should be.

This thing we call humanity.

You’re no good for me

Mindlessly going through the motions.

I think of what we had.

The past.

A sweet place to visit, while time keeps ticking.

These moments in time are glints of wishful thinking.

My mind and heart are at war.

I try and tell them you’re no good for me anymore.

I don’t blame them.

There are moments I join the chaos

and have a good cry.

What we had you took from me.

I’m only left with these memories.

No point in dwelling in charted territories.

I’ll find a way, to fade you away.

Until then, I’ll do what’s fun for me and visit you in my dreams.


Maestro please. 

A masterpiece. 

Lightning that strikes the core perfectly.

A thunderous clap.

Clouds stream in quickly.

Raindrops race down, cooling everything.

Such a perfect melody.

Nature’s symphony,

conducted perfectly. 

All while the world continues to gravitate harmoniously.


I sit down and wonder.

What’s it all about?

These dreams that want to be set free.

Where do I start?

How will it end?

This story.

My story.

It’s starting to get boring.

For the first time I don’t know how to begin.

So much time has passed.

Limbo isn’t a good place to pull up a chair and relax.

Moving on, turning pages because a stagnant mind never lasts.


Who told you, you can’t sing?

You don’t deserve the better things?

You won’t amount to anything?

Who cares if they said you don’t have pretty hair.

Boys won’t like you.

None of it is true.

Little Girl, you are beautiful.

The sunlight shines bright upon you.

Like a flower you bloom.

This is the only truth.

You are special.

So be prepared,

to share your talents with the world.


Till what end will you seek revenge?

What a waist to live so destructively.

Seems lonely.

Such misery.

Plotting against an enemy.

Takes up to much time and energy.

So sad love,

That you don’t know we reflect what we project.

Hard to believe, this message is difficult for some to conceive.

Go on then,

Continue to rage against reality.

This bad blood stands between you and creativity.

I should know.

I’ve felt the tainted blood flow.

I understand.

It leads to a dead end. 


Inside me.

Outside me.

No point in hiding.

They surround me.

I go on fighting.

A game, a dance, a walk.

It know longer bothers me.

The playground doesn’t manipulate me. 

Not trying to tip the scale.

To salty.

To sweet.

Neither one suits me.

Angels and Demons can go at it without any help from me.

I have a taste for bittersweet.


Navigating through the pain.

The best things in life can cost ones sanity.

 No disputing, they are free.

No price tag can be put on inner peace.

Consumed by my surroundings.

I help myself to find the energy.

It’s inside of me.

It shines bright, only for me to see.

It sounds crazy.

I have to believe,

one day

I’ll see my truth and write it down for the world to read.

It will make such a good story.


Release me from my past.

Lead me to my future.

Gathering strength to follow what feels like a dream.

It’s all within me.

I am everything I want to be.

It sounds so easy.

Yet I managed to complicate it so quickly.

Finding my way back feels like an eternity.

The journey is definitely interesting.

I’ve let go of many different parts of me.

What a relief.

Being able to move around more freely.


A Guardian at conception. 

Hosting righteousness in the heart.

Empowered constraint.


always watchful. 

Brilliantly composed affliction.

Sanctified duty. 

Never yielding in a relentless mission.

Reading every action.

Listening to every breath pulled in.

On no occasion ceasing guard.

Incorruptible angelic agent.

Entertaining such a promise of comfort.

A Guardian Angel.