Do you remember me often?

I wonder, if you recall all the broken promises you’d made me.

How I’ve cried over such triviality. 

I still find it hard to fathom your cruelty.

I can still see all your words come alive in my mind,

as if we were still a possibility. 

You and me.

What a comedy our romance turned out to be.

I wonder if you care about how much you’ve hurt me.

My wild guess is that it won’t solve anything,

all my wondering.

No more wondering,

there’s no you and me.

36 thoughts on “I WONDER

      1. I appreciate you saying so. THANK YOU.
        I’d delete this blog a while ago then I started it back up and have had trouble with followers saying the same thing.
        I have to figure out how to fix it 🤯
        I thank you again for letting me know.😃

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    1. Finding humor every time life knocks me down.
      Thank you for commenting and sharing.
      I also enjoy you posts very much. 🙂🙂


  1. Thanks for sharing you thoughts. May I ask your opinion of something that jumps right off the page of your writings? Do you believe that more women feel the emotional pain of uncaring words, thoughts, and actions of men, than do men of women?

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  2. My opinion is.
    Male, female.
    Individual processes things in different ways for different reasons.

    So I do not believe women feel more emotional pain then men.

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    1. Thanks for your thought. I do, however, think that women suffer more emotional pain, especially when they are close to a man, who is not close to such a woman, emotionally, who looks for, and needs, emotional support from the man who is supposed to be giving her such support.

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      1. Facts of life,
        Men and women are chemically different.
        Never the less I feel women are just more comfortable being vocal about emotional pain. Especially when it’s about intimate relationships. Either way when one partner is more invested in a relationship, male or female
        that person will suffer more if the relationship ends.
        At the end of the day I believe we are each responsible for our happiness. How we decide to process pain is key.
        In my case I like to write.
        Thank you for taking such an interest in my option. 😉

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      2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your perspective. When I earlier mentioned that you words “jumped right off of your page, ” it was not a negative thought of mine; it was just my view of your thoughts and words coming to life. Thanks for being such a longtime friend. Please keep up your good work.

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