Still Love

A painful void.

A lonely hollow.

A deep longing to meet in a dream.

Memories takes over selfishly.

Dictating emotions.

Provoking feeling.

How can this be happening to,

to me?

Her whisper was clear.

She still loves him.

After what continues to feel like an eternity.

Don’t leave, the voice inside her cries softly.

So many words between them.

So many words left unspoken.

The misery. 


Hell no.

She made herself leave.

8 thoughts on “Still Love

  1. Thanks for your poem. Feelings are difficult to deal with, especially when they relate to a very special person in your life, or even someone from times past. I look at songs on you tube and read the comments. There are many people who are pining over someone that was very important to them, 30 or 40 year ago, who is no longer in their life. When a person slips out of your life, it can take a lifetime to get over that pain of loss.

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    1. It is definitely nice to visit our past special memories when closing our eyes.

      “When a person slips out of your life”. I like this line very much. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. & thank you sooo much for commenting. 🙂🙂🙂

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